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to your furry friends along with friendly, compassionate, and professional care
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We deliver the highest standard quality and compassion of veterinary medicine to your furry friends along with friendly and professional care. Our #1 priority is to keep your pets healthy and happy throughout all stages of their lives.

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Wellness Exams​​​​​​​

Regular wellness exams are designed to catch potential diseases or conditions common to your pet's age, breed, and lifestyle and aim to prevent them.

Emergency Care

In the event of an emergency, our facility is open and accepts cases that require immediate veterinary attention.


Daycare is an excellent option for your canine companion to enjoy socialization with others while working off some energy.

Pet Dental Care

Proper dental care is vital to your pet's overall health. Build up of tartar, plaque and bacteria can cause dental disease and will results to complications if left untreated.


Microchips are non-removable chips inserted under your pet's skin. It serves as your pet's identification in the event that he/she gets lost.

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Meet our caring and compassionate veterinary care team committed to providing exceptional veterinary care for your pets.

Dr. Zack Bissell


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